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Diana Zame

"This program was full of expert acting knowledge and unique industry insights. It's great to be in a learning environment supported by Hamza's contagious positive energy, and it's what I needed to get back in the right headspace as an actor."


Pay no mind to the age, gender or ethnicity when working on these scripts. Focus more on the character descriptions and try and bring THAT character to life. 

Who's ready to put the reps in!?

The Good Doctor (Guest Star)

Character portrayed is male presenting. 30s. Loving, devoted. Trying hard to be strong for his wife, Sonja, Anthony is devastated to learn that his pregnant wife has a serious complication with her pregnancy that threatens her life unless the pregnancy is terminated..

How to Murder Your Husband (Supporting)

Cool-headed and shrewd. He is one of the top detectives investigating the murder of Daniel Brophy with his partner Detective Posey...

The Knight Trilogy (Principal)

This auctioneer officiates betting on rare sports memorabilia...

So Help Me Todd (Principal)

Affable with a gentle manner, this professional caregiver to a wealthy octogenarian was convicted of her murder 5 years ago and given the death sentence. Jesse always claimed innocence but now, with new evidence, he is requesting clemency... 

Kung Fu (Recurring)

Intelligent, confident and proactive, this political aide working on Anthony Chan’s campaign warns that the competing candidate has a history of using dirty tactics. She shows initiative by hiring a firm to run opposition research on Anthony so they’ll...

Heartland (Guest Star)

Smart, witty, charming and at times sarcastic, he’s an up and coming fashion designer, who is optimistic with a wide-eyed wonder about fashion - an innocence. Grayson is a colorful, impulsive, creative force who is a whirlwind of energy, and whose

Glamorous (Principal)

A first-generation social media influencer who has pivoted to a career in marketing, she runs all social media accounts at Glamorous by Madolyn and generally is the face of marketing at the company. AlyssaSays fiercely clings to her former social media... 

A Lot Like Christmas (Supporting)

A spunky young woman, she has been Jasmine's best friend since childhood. She now works at Jasmine's family's Christmas tree farm, and gigs around town with her rock band. A sensible, headstrong type of gal who always says exactly what she thinks, she dates -- a lot - and is always urging Jasmine to get out of her rut and start looking...

Resident Alien (Recurring) 

All Ethnicities. Lethal, lean and athletic. Imposing. Joseph is a highly dangerous individual, training a sniper rifle on his target. He is someone to be feared...

Kung Fu (Principal)

She is quick thinking and fast talking—good traits for someone that makes a living on the streets. She’s been in and out of jail for years, picked up for a little bit of everything, from petty theft to stealing cars. She’d be the first to admit she made her fair share of mistakes as a kid, but she never...

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