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Private Coaching Request
w/ Hamza Fouad

With nearly 20 years of experience in the film and television industry, Hamza is a knowledgable resource that can help guide your career, and provide coaching that will enhance your work. His television credits include Helstrom (hulu), in which he was nominated for best guest star at the Leo Awards, Riverdale (The CW), Firefly Lane (Netflix), and The Twilight Zone (Paramount+). Some of Hamza's film credits include Mary J Blige's Strength of a Woman, Lifetimes Dangerous Memories and The Christmas Pact, in which he won a Leo for Best Supporting Lead.

For an extended list of Hamza's Film and TV credits, refer to 



Whether you’re new or you’ve come across my work before, you should know first and foremost that I’m dedicated to helping artists navigate this industry. Our coaching sessions will be conducted via Zoom. The topic is completely up to you. I'm happy to offer career advice, audition coaching (reading included), audition breakdown and discussion (make solid/informed choices together), self tape audition feedback, or just a general Q & A.

Book your 30-minute or 60-minute session below!

PLEASE NOTE: If you are under 18, I do require a legal guardian to be on the Zoom call with us.

30min Zoom Coaching


60min Zoom Coaching




3 - 30min Sessions


3 - 60min Sessions



Hamza’s vast experience spanning over a decade in the film/television industry provides real life knowledge that has guided me throughout my career. His coaching and support over the years is invaluable to me and has helped me create the optimal headspace where I am able to maximize the opportunity of audition/self tapes regardless of deadlines. I ALWAYS wish I could’ve been coached by Hamza when I was first beginning my journey into acting and I’ll always seek out his guidance regardless of where I am in my career.

Rebecca Kwan - Skymed | Paramount Plus |

Hamza is not just an acting coach, but he's an actors' acting coach. The difference is, an acting coach understands the theory and can explain it, while an actors' acting coach helps facilitate thought that can help a lesson make sense. He doesn't just give notes that can help you get from point A to point B, but he presents it in a way where he takes the journey from A to B with you at your pace. His experience alone sets him apart from many coaches out there, and he's one of the first calls I make when I need help with coaching.

Xavi de Guzman - Maid| Netflix |


I have been working with Hamza since 2020, and the results in my work are undeniable. Reflecting back on my earlier self tapes, I can see where I needed guidance and direction; the talent was there, but boy was I lost. Hamza has this natural ability to see strong potential, then shape and nurture what’s already there. 


In his sessions he offers concrete direction in how to get from the breakdown notice to the final product, and hopefully - nay, eventually - in front of casting and networks. With his charismatic personality and genuine passion to see others succeed, he creates an environment of curiosity and excitement to do the work. Coming into sessions with him restores the joy in this craft that is traditionally a collaboration.


My confidence in the craft has grown exponentially after working with Hamza. His knowledge about the business, getting to the truth of a character, and leaning into your personal strengths, have filled some of the blanks on my journey. Suddenly, I don’t feel so lost.

Olivia Lucas - Motherland: Fort Salem | Freeform |


Hamza‘s approach to coaching has helped me achieve performances that are thought-provoking, layered and real- leading to booked work. When you need to be dialled up, he gets you there. When you need to be dialled down, he’ll get you there. His simple yet challenging approach will get you to where you need to be.



Shaquan Lewis - Animal Control | hulu |

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